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Hundstallet's general work
Just trying to raise some money for the dogs at Hundstallet, because why not? If you do need an actual reason - being a homeless dog is probably quite shit and you can make a difference with even the smallest donation
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  • Josefin Häggström Hundstallet
    Many thanks to you Chris for choosing to raise money for the dogs at Hundstallet. And thanks to all of you who joined and gave a gift. Together you contribute to a dog getting food, care and a warm bed to sleep in for 11 days.
  • Chris Mitchell Chris Mitchell donated 1,500 kr

    Remaining money from us football boys and Stockholm Summer Cup, we like dogs and we like Hundstallet ❤️

  • Willy Wilson Willy Wilson donated 500 kr

  • Patrick Campbell Patrick Campbell donated 50 kr

    Dogs are cool

  • Ivan Zakharov Ivan Zakharov donated 100 kr

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  • Tim Plummer Tim Plummer donated 300 kr

    From Maui with love

  • Chris Mitchell Chris Mitchell donated 500 kr

    I like dogs. Dogs are good.